What does a Locum Service do?

Posted on 22/07/2018 Under GP Locums 0 Comments

We thought it was best to look at the basics! Essentially, a locum doctor agency is a recruitment agency that specialises in the placement of medical staff on a temporary or permanent basis. At Trust Locums, we offer recruitment services to employers. This can be hospitals, private practices or clinics. In addition, we offer placement services for candidates looking for employment. This is based on their skills, experience, qualifications and interests.

Some of our benefits and functions include:

  • Sourcing the most suitable candidate to fill a specific locum job.
  • Handling of payroll administration
  • Cost and time savings for human resources

The main benefits and functions of a locum doctor agency like Trust Locums for a locum doctor include:

  • Finding suitable positions according to the candidate’s interests
  • Remuneration needs
  • Experience and qualifications. For instance, CVs!
  • Cost and time savings
  • Improved chances of landing the perfect locum position
  • Reviews and verification of compliance such as identity documents, qualifications, and references ensuring that the candidate doesn’t have to go through the process several times
  • Less paperwork!!

Finally, if you’d like to find out more about our services, get in touch here.