How should Locum GP’s be supported in their role?

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This guide aims to promote a standardised approach

Locums and doctors in short term placements are an essential part of the workforce. They contribute to patient care and safety.

NHS England has published ‘Supporting locums and doctors in short-term placements – a practical guide for doctors in these roles.’ The guidance is directed towards all doctors (primary and secondary care) who locum within heath organisations for short-term placement.

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If you are a Locum GP working in this way there are specific challenges you may face. You often don’t have easy access to systems or structures in place to support your continuing professional development, appraisal, revalidation and governance.

So how should you be supported in your role?

  • Be provided with induction and access to buildings and appropriate IT systems.
  • Ensure you are placed in roles where you are able to work within your limitations.
  • Feedback should be given on your practice and encouraged to attend multidisciplinary meetings and CPD to support you in your learning and development and to make collecting supporting information for your appraisal simpler.
  • You should be supported in engaging with appraisal and revalidation systems.
  • Be informed about and given timely access to information relating to serious untoward incidents, significant events and complaints. You should be informed about the processes of escalation and offered appropriate support relating to these events.

What are your overall responsibilities?

  • To follow all GMC requirements.
  • To respect with pre-employment and induction processes.
  • Accurately represent your skills and competences and work within your limitations.
  • To know who your responsible officer is, who you are accountable to and work within organisational governance.
  • To gather supporting information (e.g. from CPD, exit forms and 360-degree feedback) and engage in the whole scope of practice within organisations when appropriate.

For further information about supporting locum GP doctors, contact Trust Locums