Becoming A Locum GP

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Is locum work for you?


Now you’re a qualified GP what direction do you want your career to take? GP’s take on locum work for a wide variety of reasons. Locuming can be a good way to try out different types of working environments before committing to a salaried or partnership post. Sometimes locum work is actively chosen as part of a portfolio career where a GP takes on a number of different types of job and or work around family commitments. For other GP’s, locum work is taken on as an interim measure while actively looking for longer-term positions.

The unique characteristics of working freelance as a locum and using a GP Locum service such as Trust Locums both present a range of benefits.

Some advantages of becoming a locum GP

  • High degree of autonomy over working hours and place of work
  • You can choose to take breaks from working to travel or pursue other projects
  • You do not have the managerial concerns that partners have
  • You may find it easier to move and live than it would be as a partner
  • The flexibility to fit work within your lifestyle

Some advantages of using Trust Locums:

  • Paid within the same week that you work
  • Don’t have to do your own invoicing or chase for payment
  • Access to a huge variety of GP Locum work; from daytime surgeries to Walk-In Centres and Out of Hours
  • A dedicated single contact to look after your individual needs
  • Over 15 years of experience in the GP Locum market

If you need help and advice on this subject, contact Trust Locums on 0800 880 72 71 or email [email protected]

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